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Negotiation Excellence

Negotiation: A Practice We Engage In Everyday Of Our Lives.


Negotiation Excellence

The Negotiation Excellence programme has been designed to enhance your interpersonal skills and equip you with the critical skills required to reach interest-based, principled outcomes that are in the interests of all parties. These skills have been shown to have a significant effect on individual and corporate success. With the assistance of a training methodology called conversational diagnostics, learners are put into a number of simulated negotiation situations. Learners are observed in negotiation and then the data from these simulations is used as the basis for building individual behavioural profiles. The significance of this technique is that learners are given much more than simply the theory of negotiation. In fact they are coached as to where and how to make the necessary adjustments in each phase of the negotiation process including;

  • Negotiation planning
  • Development of a mandate
  • Face-to-face negotiation



  • Outlining a philosophy of negotiation.
  • Understanding the power base of a negotiation.
  • Environmental & external factors and how these shape power in negotiations.
  • Recognising the dynamics of negotiation.
  • The phases of the negotiating process.
  • Outlining the critical dynamics of verbal interaction.
  • Recognising the relationship between conflict handling and approach to negotiation.
  • Interactive behaviours for successful negotiations.
  • Tips on Do’s & Don’ts in Negotiation.
  • A Negotiation Model
  • Negotiating Tactics
  • Gaining Acceptance of the Agreement