Customer Experience Management

Customer experience is a journey a leader CAN affect, lead and change.

Ask yourself the question...

  • Where and with which supplier did you have your worst experience as a customer?
  • What distinguished this experience as a customer? Was it because of the lack of communication during the purchase? Was the employee you dealt with empowered to make decisions? The reality is your negative customer experience is more than likely replicated in some form in your own organization.

The Brough Leadership Institute’s purpose is to identify critical areas for improvement during your firm’s customer experience journey. This is accomplished by asking the questions: Who, What, How, Where, Why and When?

Brough Leadership Institute centers its methodology on three areas of customer experience: research, journey design and training. Through a five-step approach each area of customer experience is assessed for planned actions. All steps find basis in 6 Sigma principles, change management tools, voice-of-customer and project management tools.

Brough Leadership Institute will assist in tailoring your organizations specific needs around the methodology. Each organization is at various stages of customer experience and has a unique set of challenges and opportunities. We assist leaders in leading employees to change behavior to customers. This transformation in the organization aims to delight your customers, which has a net consequence of growing your business.