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Time Navigation Excellence


Much has been written and taught on time management. The new thinking around time is that we don't manage time, but rather navigate our way through the equal path of time that each of us had been allotted. This one day programme is designed: 

  • To identify your Time Navigation strengths and weaknesses
  • To expose you to the following elements of Time Navigation:


Time Navigation Elements 

  • Attitudes & Interruptions
  • Goals & Meetings
  • Priorities & Paperwork
  • Analysis & Delegation
  • Planning & Procrastination
  • Scheduling Time & the importance of Teamwork


  • To implement the above elements in your Management and work.
  • To create the development of action plans for each category to improve performance and achieve greater results.


We all have exactly the same amount of time in a day, 24 hours. Time for all of us is a diminishing resource from the moment we are born.Human beings are essentially self interested,and are continually seeking to satisfy these self-interests. Therefore, we will tend to spend our time doing things which we prefer to do.Time is neither good nor bad.  Its quality will be determined by what an individual does with it. Events in your life can be divided into those which can be controlled, and those which cannot.  Fortunately, those which can be controlled and then navigated far outnumber those which cannot be controlled.People, who exercise discipline in controlling their time, seem to get a greater share of opportunities in life.People who do not exercise discipline in navigating time, often find themselves on a roller coaster in which they move from crisis to crisis and feel powerless to do anything about it.