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Presentation and Public Speaking Excellence

This two-day programme on presentation skills is aimed at providing you with insight into the dynamics of effective presentation. The techniques can be applied in situations of providing information, motivating and inspiring staff, or selling services and products. The course focuses on both the design and delivery aspects of presentation and provides learners with the practical environment for expert assessment and feedback. On the greatest fears that individuals have is the fear of public speaking or being called on to give a presentation.

The irony is that being able to present yourself effectively is one of the key tools to success in the corporate environment. The challenge then is to take something that we fear most and converted into a unique opportunity for career success.

In this very practical and hands-on workshop, Andrew draws on his years of experience as compere, master of ceremonies, facilitator, lecturer and television broadcaster and presenter to show you how to successfully combine the three key elements of successful presentation; content, design and delivery!

The presentation skills programme includes opportunity for self-assessment, peer assessment and feedback from Andrew in a non-threatening, coaching environment.



  • How to present to a group
  • Audience analysis
  • Analysing Audience Purpose
  • Designing and delivering the Opening, Body and Closure
  • Understanding the use of Verbal Communication
  • Understanding the use of Non-verbal Communication
  • The use of Visual Aids and equipment (with special attention to PowerPoint)
  • Dealing with Questions and Answers
  • Dealing with Anxiety
  • Dealing with conflict situations
  • Closure

Presentations are also video recorded to allow each presenter to identify individual strengths and potential growth areas.