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Leadership Excellence

Full Range Transformational Leadership

Increase productivity by effectively managing and leading your staff towards a common goal!

This training course has been specially designed to meet the needs of senior supervisors to executive managers. 

There are many different styles and functions of leaders, which require different skills and personality types.  There are however six competencies or qualities that research indicates are essential for any leader to be truly effective over a sustained period of time.  These are:


1       VISION

2       PASSION


4       POWER



Course Synopsis

Basic Full Range

You will be equipped with a wealth of state-of-the-art leadership transformational tools and gain an extensive understanding of practical and innovative approaches to leadership.

You will receive a detailed feedback assessment on your 360 MLQ (Multi-factor leadership questionnaire) and put in place a self-development plan to enhance and develop your leadership skills.


Course Modules

Module 1: Explore 'Ideal' leaders.

Module 2: Examine various leadership styles.

Module 3: A finer look at the different paths to transformational leadership.

Module 4: Your first provisional self-based plan.

Module 5: Understanding the difference, pros and cons and elements of transactional and transformational behaviours.

Module 6: How leaders delegate? … why they delegate? … and the importance of delegation.

Module 7: Sources of feedback.

Module 8: Revising your personal leadership development plan.

Course Synopsis

Advanced Full Range

You will master effective strategies for proactive application of transformational leadership and revise your personal development plan for your optimal growth. In addition you will be equipped to lead and manage change, as well as boost your staff’s morale and motivation during the turbulence and uncertainty that changing times often instigates.


Course Modules

Module 9: Implementing your leadership development plan.

Module 10: Revising MLQ feedback

Module 11: Tools to allocate scarce resources.

Module 12: Promoting quality and innovation.

Module 13: Leading and managing change.

Module 14: Learn how to develop an inspiring work context and idealising your influence.