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Leadership and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

For many organisations,  Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ)  is becoming the core of people skills competencies and management development.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader has the following attributes:

  • Is self-aware, motivated and perceives others accurately
  • Manages emotions to create well-formed outcomes
  • Is emotionally literate, recognising underlying blanket emotions
  • Prepares for people interactions by looking at the psychological process as well as the task
  • Thinks positively, is authentic, clears things up and does not easily quit if a difficult conversation is required
  • Has increased flexibility, able to let go of out of date visions and plans
  • Proactively creates a life/work balance, has excellent social skills and sense of community
  • Is resilient when the going gets tough, seeks solutions
  • Seeks personal development without a sense of personal deficit