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May 2024
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Sales and Marketing

Customer Service Excellence

Probably one of the most overused and under demonstrated issues of our time is customer service. This programme walks delegates through the building blocks of customer service and shows how SERVICE is about serving. Drawing on the principles of servant leadership, this programme promises to deliver outstanding results for any company involved at forefront of the business.

This programme combines the best of research around the critical dimensions of service quality with a very practical, Customer Relationship Management strategy. 

The programme includes:

Key Account Management Excellence

Key Account Management Excellence is a strategic marketing and sales programme that shows Key Account Managers how to do what their job title suggests- manage the Key accounts. 

Prospecting Excellence

Prospecting is often regarded by sales people as the thing they love to hate! In this programme, delegates are taken through a systematic process of lead generation and management. These tried and tested principles are universally applicable in the sales domain. In order to move from being reactive order takers into proactive order generators, the programme includes:

Principles of Marketing Excellence

A course designed to provide learners with an overall grasp of the fundamentals of marketing. This programme is geared to ensuring that learners are given an introduction to marketing in its broadest sense.


Brand Identity Excellence

This programme looks at Brand Architecture in a comprehensive way.

  • What is a brand?
  • What is a premium brand?
  • The key principles of brand identity
  • Identify the key factors of personal branding
  • Brand Behaviour
  • Mapping touch points and moments of truth
  • Understand the links between stakeholder relationships, brand behaviour and corporate reputation