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October 2020
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High Performance Teams


In a study of 120 senior teams in 11 countries, the Hay Group found that CEOs themselves aren't always clear on the decisions they want a leadership team to resolve versus those they reserve for themselves. The research findings identified six steps that increase the likelihood of a senior team evolving into an efficient and effective unit capable of leveraging its collective expertise to address an enterprise's most important challenges and opportunities.

These are:

Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative leadership is at its strongest at the point of contact. This leadership challenges the traditional leader-follower, top-down approach. Collaborative leadership is often self-organizing. It respects internal and external stakeholders as peers, and embraces diversity, creativity and divergence. This means that collaborative leadership. can be messy. The diagram from Creative Desktop illustrates some of the types of collaborators that exist in an organization.

High Performance Teams by Andy Brough

7 Zones of Consideration for High Performance Teams (HPT) by Andy Brough

If you are part of a team and you want to assess your team’s performance, it is worthwhile considering these 7 zones of High Performance

1. People Capable individuals who are competent and self-sufficient

2. Trust Develop trusting relationships to overcome distance

3. Purpose A clear sense of direction that aligns team members

4. Technology Appropriate and skilled use of technology

Where in the World is my team - New Book by Terence Brake

Terence Brake is a highly respected author and professional development specialist based in the USA. As a colleague in the industry, I would like to recommend Terry's latest book : "Where in the World is my Team?" This an excellent publication for anyone trying to get a handle on how to be part of an effective global virtual team. Terry has a unique gift of articulating powerful business principles in a creative, humourous and insightful  way. This is a must read! 

Teambuilding Excellence

In this programme,  Teambuilding Excellence, leaders and team members are walked through an experiential and practical process of all the critical elements of  team success. 

The areas covered include:

  • The key elements of team building
  • The dysfunctions of a team
  • Phases of team development
  • Communication in a team
  • Conflict management in a team
  • Team building strategies