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June 2023
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7 Reasons to Work with Brough Leadership Institute

7 Reasons why you should consider working with . . . Brough Leadership Institute as preferred provider for your management and leadership development and sales and marketing skills training.

After years of asking corporate clients to define and articulate their unique value proposition, we felt it was time to reinforce and rearticulate our answer to the same question about the services we provide. We don't want  to assume that everyone who visits our site, or hears about out company, is aware of...


Stakeholder Collaboration Programme

2011 sees the launch of a new range of programmes for Brough Leadership Institute. These programmes form part of a suite of core leadership, management and marketing modules that are offered in-house. 

Our newest offering, designed by Andrew Brough, as part of his final submission to Regent University as a culminating project in Organizational Leadership, examines the role of the Leader as Stakeholder Collaborator.


Brough Leadership Institute partners with Adobe Connect Pro

After 18 months of testing of a range of virtual delivery platforms, Brough Leadership Institute has decided to become a licensed provider of virtual training solutions using the Adobe® Connect™ platform. This is an ideal platform for our delivery of  elearning, webconferencing, web seminars and virtual classroom programmes in leadership and organisational development, sales training, negotiation skills, presentation skills and even high performance intact and virtual teams.


The LeaderSHIP

Dr Mark Manley The LeaderSHIP

In "The LeaderSHIP", Dr Manley sets out to answer some of the crucial and timeless leadership questions. Are leaders born or made? What are the essential differences between leadership and management?