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The Importance of Vision (Looking Forward)- Andy Brough

In a recent leadership survey 72% of respondents indicated they were looking

for a leader who was forward looking. At the same time they also identified that

business leaders spend as little as 3 % of work time envisioning. In creating and

casting vision it is critical that there is a shared ownership of the vision.

Effective leadership involves communicating a vision that is inclusive so that

fulfillment does not rely solely on the individual leader. The best way to lead

people in the future is to connect with them in the present.

A leader's ability to create a meaningful image of the future depends on an

ability to anticipate the future By understanding emerging trends, leaders can

acts as futurists and strategists. By orchestrating insights from different

perspectives, a visionary leader is able to position an organization for

meaningful change. A visionary organisation is one where all departments are

aligned with core purposes that have been collaboratively created and


This begs some questions.

(a) As a leader, am I forward looking? (b) As a leader, How much time do I

spend on envisioning? (c) How effective is my communication of the vision?

(d) How effectively do I anticipate future trends? (e) Is our organisation aligned

to specific core purposes? (f) Have these core purposes been identified so that we keep the "main thing" the main thing?

At a time when organisations face ever increasing pressure to justify their

existence, it is vital that leaders have clear and concise answers to these

questions.To what extent are you able to give clear answers? Are you surprised by the

results? I would suggest that instead of reactively "firefighting" that leaders

would do well to start looking forward before they end up looking backward- with


Andy Brough is an organisational and leadership development consultant. He can be contacted on andyb[at]andrewbrough[dot]com or