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The Dimensions of Service Quality

During a recent customer service workshop, I was reminded again of the outstanding work done by Jan Carlzon on "Moments of Truth" - this great idea that a moment of truth is any "opportunity that a customer gets to create and develop  an impression of your business." 

When I asked the team I was working with to map out these moments of truth as touchpoints in their business,  they saw how they could use the dimensions of service quality (SERVQUAL model -Zeithaml, Parasuraman and Berry) to understand the impact these moments of truth have on their customers. 

The five SERVQUAL dimensions are:

  • TANGIBLES-Appearance of physical facilities, equipment, personnel, and communication materials
  • RELIABILITY-Ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately
  • RESPONSIVENESS-Willingness to help customers and provide prompt service
  • ASSURANCE-Knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence
  • EMPATHY-Caring, individualized attention the firm provides its customers

Inghilleri & Solomon (2010)  proposed that customer satisfaction compromises 4 key elements: Perfect product, caring delivery, timeliness and effective problem resolution. 

A solid customer service/customer relationship management programme needs to integrate all of these elements. Our programme allows participants to conduct a thorough diagnosis on their organization and establish the extent to which they are customer centric.