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7 Reasons to Work with Brough Leadership Institute

7 Reasons why you should consider working with . . . Brough Leadership Institute as preferred provider for your management and leadership development and sales and marketing skills training.

After years of asking corporate clients to define and articulate their unique value proposition, we felt it was time to reinforce and rearticulate our answer to the same question about the services we provide. We don't want  to assume that everyone who visits our site, or hears about out company, is aware of...

1.    Our Track Record.

Andy Brough started freelancing in 1989 developing corporate educational television programmes. Since then, Brough Leadership Institute has gone on to partner with some of the most significant global brands in terms of corporate communications, training, broadcasting and global leadership development. We also partner with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (University of Pretoria).

2.   The Solid Academic Base to All our Content.

All of our facilitators have at least a master’s degree combined with the experience of working at tertiary level in either public or corporate universities

3.   Our Global, Diverse Experience.

Although we are based in South Africa, our lecturers and facilitators bring a broad range of international experience  gleaned from working cross-culturally in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

4.  Our World-class Presenters and Facilitators.

Our presenters are the best in their field. This is borne out by their ability to combine structure, content and subject knowledge, and effective delivery.

5.  Our Commitment to Understand your Business.

We understand the critical importance of helping you to align your training objectives to your business objectives.

6.  Our Satisfied Clients.

Training and development is built on relationships, reputation, and the success of the last intervention. This can never take for granted, and we are committed to developing customer lifetime value where word of mouth recommendation is still our primary source of marketing.

7. Our Commitment to Walk the Talk.

This is borne out by our mission, vision and slogan.

Our Vision:

Brough Leadership Institute strives to continuously offer top quality adult education programmes and services to provide learners with opportunities for individual development. This will be done through both direct interface as well as technologically supported initiatives. 

Our Mission:

Brough Leadership Institute has a mission to provide top quality, communication and training initiatives to all learners through the following means:

·      Provision of classroom and distance education

·      Serving specifically further education and training in leadership, management and sales and marketing related subjects

·      Working in local, national and international contexts

Our Slogan:

“Equipping for Excellence”